Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Matrix flooring Solutions & Jorgus Carpets is involved in the manufacturing of wool rich carpets.

Matrix flooring Solutions & Jorgus Carpets recognises it’s responsibilities for environmental protection.

The company endeavours to minimise the harmful effects of its day to day operations on the environment.

Specifically the company will;

  • Reduce the amount of waste generated and seek to re-use & recycle whenever economically practicable to minimise the need for disposal either to land fill sites or incineration.
  • Reduce energy consumption in all areas of production.
  • Ensure the activities of the company comply with all statutory requirements of environmental legislation.

Our mission statement for the environment;

Matrix Flooring Solutions & Jorgus Carpets has a clear philosophy; to produce carpets from renewable resources, with extended lifecycles, manufactured in our plants continually striving to reduce their environmental footprint.

Wool is by far the largest component of our carpet and is naturally environmentally friendly, being entirely renewable & “”fuelled by grass””!

Manufacturing processes are continually developed & re-engineered to reduce & control energy & water usage, emissions, waste and impact to the local community.

Waste is an unavoidable part of manufacturing & distribution process, but we make every effort to find ways of re-cycling. These outlets are many & varied but include re-cycled yarns, carpet underlay & agricultural soil improvement.

In use, our carpets also have a positive impact. They are engineered for long life reducing the extraction of raw materials and reduce disposal.

Finally, when the carpet has come to the end of its useful life, it has a high biodegradable content and has less impact on landfill!

Matrix flooring Solutions & Jorgus Carpets are committed to improving the welfare of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Sustainability is as much about people as it is about protecting the environment!

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