Herdwick Wool Carpets

The Herdwick Wool Story

With their gracious white faces, characteristic grey fleece, the native Herdwick sheep are a recognisable and reassuring sight on the stunning fells of England’s Lake District.

The word, “herdvyck”, meaning sheep pasture, is recorded in documents dating back to the 12th century. The origin of the breed itself is unknown, but the most common theory is that their ancestors were introduced by early Norse settlers. They have a 1,000-year heritage and a worthy reputation as Britains hardiest mountain sheep, grazing the central and western dales of the Lake District.

Herdwick farming has been a important influence in the traditions and landscape of the Lake District. Childrens author, Beatrix Potter, kept and bred Herdwicks in the latter half of her life. In the 1930s, she won a number of prizes for Herdwick ewes. In her will she left 15 farms and 4,000 acres to the National Trust and specified the need to protect and sustain the traditional Herdwick farming system.

By manufacturing our carpets and rugs from Herdwick wool we are helping to maintain a tradition and a way of life.

Jorgus Herdwick Range

The Herdwick sheepskin is a long-haired, beautifully thick fleece, soft textured, and in natural tones of grey, cream and brown. The fleece has unique qualities that protect the sheep from extreme weather conditions throughout the year. It is resilient, insulating and durable making it perfect for luxury high quality carpets.

#1 For Herdwick Wool Carpets

We are considered to be frst choice for high quality, luxury and affordable carpets and rugs in Lancashire including luxury Herdwick Carpets. We have a great range of premium herdwick woollen carpets available in various colours and sizes. If you are looking for a high quality British made carpet, at a discount price then the Jorgus Carpets is for you.

We have over 500 rolls in our shop to help you make your choice. We stock and manufacture herdwick wool carpets and wool rugs in our factory shop. They are made to PERFECTION, they are NOT factory seconds. The reason we offer such high quality at such low, discounted prices is by cutting out the middle man. You buy direct from the manufacturer…….US……. and so you save money.

Luxury Herdwick Carpets

luxury-herdwick-woolen-carpets (1)

Herdwick Wool Carpet Specifications

Our Luxury Herdwick carpet range consists of unique colours, Silverdale, Coniston, Ulswater, Lakeside and Thirlmere. The range is 100% wool and is manufactured at 60oz for durability and a luxurious feel under foot.

Other benefits are:

  • Natural eco friendly sustainable fibre
  • Natural blend of the Herdwick fleece, so no dye is used. (Silverdale only)
  • Natural hessian Backing used on 4 meter wide carpets
  • All manufactured in the UK, within a 100 mile radius to Cambria
  • Supporting local farmers and industry

Bespoke option: Choose the Herdwick carpet that best suits your needs. Select from 45, 55 and 60oz carpet, with a colour matching facility to suit everybodys home.

Our herdwick wool carpets are available made to measure, available in various colours, the highest quality woollen carpets and ideal for all types of domestic areas.

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